About the book

We’re all given gifts in life, it’s what we do with them that shows us what we’ve learned. Through hard work, creativity and an emerging vision, Lise-Lotte has incorporated the gift of her Mom’s greenhouse into her garden life where it is put into active service as: a cozy place to sit afterschool with her daughters and hear about their school day; a bar for drinks in the evening to enjoy a glass of prosecco with friends; a side board for homemade appetizers that Daisy, her golden retriever, can’t reach; a place to be silent and still in all weather conditions and times of the year; a place to enjoy a glass of wine with candle light under the stars on a city lot; a place to start seedlings and grow citrus and olive trees; and a serene oasis in which to meditate and re-charge. Through Lise-Lotte’s lovely images, you are invited to join in the garden celebration.

About the author

Lise-Lotte Loomer is a facilitator living in Victoria BC with her family, international students and her constant companion, Daisy, their golden retriever. Lise-Lotte’s blog is partygreen.ca where she shares many ways to create hygge in your garden and in your life. Lise-Lotte loves nothing more than to spend time in her garden enjoying the scent of mock orange and roses, listening to the birds singing, and watching the hummingbird visit the flowers. She appreciates spending time with family and friends in her garden and harvesting strawberries and raspberries on the way to sit down to share stories over Earl Grey tea with a homemade treat. Lise-Lotte celebrates the ordinary, the timeless and the simple with gratitude.