Hello, I’m back

I’ve been travelling, starting new projects and getting used to having my daughters live 3 and 4 time zones away from us. It’s a big adjustment for me, but seeing where they live, how they live and conduct themselves in this world fills my heart with gratitude about being their mom. They are good human beings and the world needs more principled people like them contributing their generous spirits to our society.

While I have been away, I have done a lot of thinking about creating hygge. I was lucky enough to spend time in Europe this summer and experiencing lots of hygge in Denmark and Sweden. Although our time in France, the Netherlands, Germany and England had it’s fair share of hygge moments too. I’ll share more of that in the weeks to come.

I am a planner, I love thinking ahead to what is coming next. Planning experiences and events is a lot of fun for me. So when my time in the warm sunshine of my garden is over for the year and all I can hear outside, as I write this, are  the car tires driving by on the very wet road, I start to think of creating hygge inside. Inside my greenhouse and inside my home.

One of my favourite yearly events to plan is our family’s Christmas time together. And when I say plan, I only mean that there is food in the house, plenty of dry wood for the fire, a bottle of wine or two in the cabinet and plenty of time without deadlines and expectations. I know that the girls are excited to experience this after their exams, project deadlines and long journeys home. We will have time to cuddle up under blankets with our Earl Grey and hear all about each other’s adventures, share stories and opinions and think big thoughts. I’ll have some knitting and the girls will have time to pick up their crochet. Can you feel my excitement of having my girls close, again? Do you have family you are looking forward to having time with over the holidays?

Last weekend, I made a few little Danish Christmas decorations for a danish relative who is spending their first Christmas away from home in a seniors facility. There are some memory issues and so I thought that if I brought the familiar scent of the cedar and the colours and the decorations, it would bring back distant lovely memories of home. It was very well received.



I’m glad I’m back and I look forward to our future conversations.

What are you looking forward to doing with your  family over the holidays?

Happy Being,



Let’s talk Greenhouse Hygge


I joined this wonderful group a few months ago and I am excited to have been asked to speak at the next meeting. Please come if you can, it’s a lovely (and large) group, with lots of resources for members: a lending library, tea and coffee, a garden expert you can ask your questions of, plants to buy, a monthly workshop, draws and a monthly speaker. 

I hope you can come along on June 6, at 7:30 

Spring-despite the weather

Despite the weather, we’re going to assume that Spring is on it’s way. To date, I haven’t documented in a proper garden journal my progress in the greenhouse. However, I do take a lot of pictures which helps me remember what a planted each year, combinations, successes, ahem “learnings”. Here is an image from a couple of years ago. It reminded me to take out my nest to set it up for the Spring season in the greenhouse (where it is out of the wind and so much cozier than the outside world at this point). I’m looking forward to having time to have tea and do some seed starting tomorrow.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and that you have a moment to enjoy the change of seasons,



on International Women’s Day

An image from my book which is what my dream house looks like today, except there is no reflection of green lawn in the background. Not yet. We are going to have all the roots dug up from the hazardous poplar that was removed before a rather big windstorm. I am re-thinking the flower and veggie beds (and should be wearing my realism glasses as to how much time I will really have for the garden this summer….where are those glasses anyway, I think I’ve misplaced them again!)


I hope on this International Women’s Day you will have a moment to reflect on how far we’ve come, how far we have yet to go, and how we can support the change that is necessary for our daughters to live in a world where they are equal.


First day of Spring, in 19 days

It seems so many people have posted that today is the first day of spring, but sadly it’s not until March 20th. Although we are having glimpses…

Here is a picture from the book of a couple of years ago when my husband and Daisy, our golden retriever,  were sitting having tea with me in the greenhouse. At this time of year, when it can be windy and cool or warm in the sun (but only if you are moving around and cool when you sit still), I like to enjoy my greenhouse with the door closed. Again this year, I have bought some hyacinths in so that the scent permeates the space… and Spring seems a little closer than 19 days…

I hope that today you have a moment to enjoy the place you are in. I’m planning on taking my tea out, enjoying the scent of the hyacinths and dreaming of what to plant.